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Posted: March 12, 2008 by Doc in Emergency Medicine
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All Emergency Physicians Now More than Ever
Mar 2008

Help Us NOW !

Please Contact these Florida Senators in the Next 24 hours!

Email Senator Atwater of N. Palm Beach
or Call (850) 487-5100 and/or Fax (561) 625-5103
Email Senator Alexander of Winter Haven
or Call (850) 487-5044 and/or Fax (863) 298-7980

Email Senator Aronberg of Greenacres/W. Palm Beach
or Call (850) 487-5356 and/or Fax (561) 434-3995

Email Senator Fasano of New Port Richey
or Call (850) 487-5062 and/or Fax (727) 841-4453

Email Senator Jones of Seminole
or Call (850) 487-5065 and/or Fax (727) 549-6413

Email Senator Lawson of Tallahassee
or Call (850) 487-5004 and/or Fax (850) 487-5086

Email Senator Peaden of Crestview
or Call (850) 487-5000 and/or Fax (850) 689-7932

Email Senator Siplin of Orlando
or Call (850) 487-5190 and/or Fax (407) 522-2153

also Email the Lobbyist on this Issue: Bob Asztalos
and/or Fax (850) 224-7968 so that he can also hand deliver

Please note the fax numbers in Tallahassee are unlisted; those listed are for their local office and are probably less effective than a Personal phone call to their staff member.

Help ER docs in Florida and the US – ACTION NOW !!!
Act Now

Help ER docs in Florida and the US – ACTION NOW !!!

Members and Friends of AEP, ER docs in Florida need your help TODAY. NOW!!!

Please read and act below.

The Florida Chapter of ACEP and others are at it again. The attack of non-EM-RT docs is on again. Senate Bill 1184 in Florida is scheduled for a hearing in Tallahassee Wednesday March 12 at 2:30pm. The bills unintended consequences will lead to:

increased staffing shortages in rural and small ERs
increased worsening of the ER doc shortage
creation of an “artificial” shortage of BC ER docs
increased migration of ER docs out of Florida
We need you to act today. The following are members of the Fla Senate committee hearing the bill on Wednesday. Please take a moment to email, fax and/or call these legislators and lets bombard them with the other side of this issue. All you need to do is explain who you are and that you oppose this bill. There is power in numbers. If you have friends or family who are voters in Florida please have them to make calls too.

On the other side of the camp is the Florida chapter of ACEP who is having their annual legislative meeting in Tallahassee that very same day and they will be out in force.

For more information you can go to:

Senate Bill 1184
and review SB1184 and HB 0509.

S1184 GENERAL BILL, by Saunders (Similar H 0509)
Board-certified Emergency Physicians [SPCC]; Prohibits physicians and osteopathic physicians who complete their certification after January 1, 2009, from holding themselves out as board-certified emergency physicians unless they meet specified requirements, etc.
EFFECTIVE DATE: 07/01/2008.

Senate Bill 1184

Act Now

Print out this News Flash
Create a Generic Letter Saying You Are a Doctor (patient, citizen, etc.), Concerned about the Unintended Consequences and that you Oppose SB 1184
Have Your Office Staff Fax Your Letter 9 times
Make 8 Quick Phone Calls and Leave Your Message
Forward the Info on to Any Family or Friends Who Vote in Florida

Act Now

ER doctors in Florida need your help today. Email, Fax, and/or Call before Wed at 2:30pm

Join our mailing list!

web: http://www.AEP.org

Association of Emergency Physicians | 911 Whitewater Drive | Mars | PA | 16046


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